The API is currently a simple POC. Send suggestions to @jachands on Twitter!

API Usage

This is the current API, no API key needed. Get all the UUID’s you need! ENDPOINTS API Base Url https://uuid.rocks Global Flags ?readable Switches from standard uuidv4 format to Readable UUIDs, that are Shakespearean grammatically correct sentences.


I created this site for fun, but now it’s being used in production at big companies! UUID.rocks now delivers over 20,000 farm-fresh, free range UUID’s to companies in need every single day.


Have you ever felt like letters and numbers just aren’t random enough? Me either! Introducing emoji-backed UUID’s, for ultra super random UUID’s! ENDPOINTS API Base Url https://uuid.rocks /api/uuid/emoji Gets a uuid as plain text

Other API's

Random API’s not related to UUID’s. Enjoy! Ping Pong GET https://uuid.rocks/api/ping Responds with ‘pong’ or ‘ping’ Optional: ?json will output as json with some info about your request { "ping": "pong", "ip": "1.