The API is currently a simple POC. Send suggestions to @jachands on Twitter!

API Usage

This is the current API, no API key needed. Get all the UUID’s you need! API Usage API Base Url https://uuid.rocks Global Flags ?readable Switches from standard uuidv4 format to Readable UUIDs, that are Shakespearean grammatically correct sentences.


Rate Limits There is a rate limit of 1,000 requests per IP per minute. If you exceed this limit, you will be blocked.

Who Uses UUIDs Anyway?

You may be wondering, does anyone actually use UUIDs? The Answer: YES! Here are some examples: billing.ups.com The UPS billing center uses UUIDs as the .zip file name for their invoice downloads.


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UUID’s are used a lot! Here are some testimonials from companies using UUID’s (not necessarily uuid.rocks). Nodecraft.com Nodecraft loves UUIDs! They give us the ability to confidently maintain a distributed database, with no worries about ID conflicts.

Donate for a Limited Edition UUID

When UUID.rocks was created in June 2020, I tested it by creating 26,000 UUID’s. Now, over a year later, the site has generated over 20 million UUID’s! With growing support for more types of ID’s, I want to make sure the site can generate all the UUID’s everyone needs.


I created this site for fun, but now it’s being used in production at big companies! UUID.rocks now delivers over 20,000 farm-fresh, free range UUID’s to companies in need every single day.


Have you ever felt like letters and numbers just aren’t random enough? Me either! Introducing emoji-backed UUID’s, for ultra super random UUID’s! ENDPOINTS API Base Url https://uuid.rocks /api/uuid/emoji Gets a uuid as plain text

Other API's

Random API’s not related to UUID’s. Enjoy! Ping Pong GET https://uuid.rocks/api/ping Responds with ‘pong’ or ‘ping’ Optional: ?json will output as json with some info about your request { "ping": "pong", "ip": "1.